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Spring Clearing 2022

Spring is a time for new growth and new life, and we see and feel this as the season changes and winter says its goodbyes.  The spring air feels lighter and fresher, and if we can mirror that feeling in our homes, we can mimic that sense of lightness in our daily...

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Post Pandemic Organizing

Over the last two years, we have had the chance to examine the essential things in our lives. Career goals, jobs, relationships, hobbies and how we spend our time are all up for review. We have realized that there are many things we don't need. We may have even...

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10 Brain Hacks to Improve Your Memory

Always trying to remember all those things you are supposed to do?  With so many memories competing for top spot in your head, juggling all those random bits of information can can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. Read on for 10 of the best brain hacks we have...

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What is Web Accessibility and Website Compliance?

There has been a lot of talk in the last few months about website accessibility and website compliance. But what are these things, and how do they affect your website? An accessible website is key to creating a great user experience for all of your website’s visitors....

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ADHD & School – Tips for Families

For the child with ADHD, a management plan which may include doctors, therapists, and teachers, Is critical to setting up a student for success. ADHD can represent a combination of symptoms, so I will focus on some general school-specific strategies to help your ADHD...

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Organize That 80’s Get Organized Playlist!

Curated by our founder Effy Terry Should I stay or should I go - The Clash Everywhere - Fleetwood Mac Don’t You (Forget About Me) - Simple Minds With or without you - U2 Push it - Salt-N-Pepa Never Gone Give You Up - Rick Astley All Night Long - Lionel Richie Here I...

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Generation relocation

Originally posted August 15, 2020 as part of the Toronto Sun Homes and Decor Supplement, Reporter Linda White and also at Toronto Sun Online. As young Canadians struggle to launch or sustain their careers during the pandemic, many who had already flown the coop are...

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Not Business As Usual

When you run a small business, a lot of things can go wrong – even really, spectacularly wrong. Maybe a power outage hits, and your entire inventory spoils. Maybe there’s a rail strike, and your supply chain is disrupted for weeks. Maybe there’s a recession, and your...

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How Much is your Clutter Costing you?

Look around, all that clutter used to be money. We often measure the cost of our possessions in dollars but there is an even greater cost, that of lost time and a feeling of loss of control. That feeling of overwhelm may cause us to lose hope and accept that chaos...

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Finding your Joy at Work

When organizing your workspace ask yourself what type of work do you do in this space? Is this your primary work area? What is your vision for this space? Here are 20 tips to help you tidy up at work and create a work area that truly sparks joy! Gather all items into...

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