Spring is a time for new growth and new life, and we see and feel this as the season changes and winter says its goodbyes.  The spring air feels lighter and fresher, and if we can mirror that feeling in our homes, we can mimic that sense of lightness in our daily lives.  Clutter can feel heavy, and clearing our houses of excess stuff can lift the weight off of our shoulders.  The process of editing the things in our lives allows us to reassess what is truly important moving forward. 

Think of the last time you did a BIG clear-out.  How recent was it?  Perhaps it was six months or even a few years ago.  Think of how many things you have brought into your home between then and now.  Things can build up, and if we are not constantly monitoring the inflow of items, they can pile up, and our homes can become congested with unwanted and unnecessary things.  

Here are some helpful strategies for your 2022 Spring Clearing!

  • Set up a donation bin in every room, and as you find something that you don’t use anymore, pop it in; when it’s full, bag it up and take it for donation.
  • Stay on top of recycling as these items build up and cause unnecessary clutter.
  • Store away seasonal items to make room for all your spring gear.
  • Go through clothes and gear from the past season and pick out things you don’t use anymore or that family members have outgrown.
  • Use clear bins to store items.  If you cannot readily identify what is in a container, you may forget what you stored in there and inadvertently re-buy it.
  • There are many different organizing methods. For example, you can go room by room, or you can follow Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method and organize by category rather than by location so you can assess what you have in each category and subcategory.

Minimizing the excess items in our homes also makes cleaning up much more accessible as uncluttered spaces are far easier to clean.  We hope these tips help you, and if you get stuck, we are just a phone call away! Or you can easily contact us to get started!