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We help you clear the clutter and get your home organized to make space for things that serve you better. We work side by side with you and guide you all the way. Our service professionals are trained, insured and proudly service Toronto and the Durham region.


We can declutter your home and coordinate with trusted third party companies for the removal of unwanted items for disposal or donation. We can also coordinate cleaning and staging services to ready your home for sale.


We can show you how to maximize storage in your home and create more space. We provide organizing services for all spaces. Feel more relaxed and stress free in your space by clearing out the clutter and chaos.


An organized work environment does not just look better but it has been shown to reduce stress among employees. We can optimize your work space by completing a thorough analysis and implement organization.


Losing a loved one can be unbearable. With empathy we take on the task of clearing the estate. Trained in mediation, we can communicate with the family and executor to ensure a seamless process.


Moving or downsizing to a new home? We can help you coordinate your move from start to finish. Working with your agent we ensure your house is ready for sale and your items are safely packed and stored away until move day.


Declutter and organize your home using the KonMari Method™. Learn how to put your items and affairs in order through Marie Kondo’s transformative method guided by a KonMari Certified Consultant.

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From Our Clients

It's amazing. Better than I ever could have imagined!

KayJay Stitching


Effy helped me at a time when I was feeling very overwhelmed about the amount of stuff I had accumulated in my small condo. We tackled what was bothering me the most - my closet. Effy helped me sort through my things and then organized what was left in a way that made it way easier for me to find all my pieces. She also made suggestions that would give my space a better flow. She even offered to take what I discarded to a donation place. Very friendly and personable she really listens to what you say to ascertain what you need. Would hire her again in a heartbeat. 

Linda Vella (Google)


I just went back down to my basement to have a look. Though I was just down there not long ago with you, I just stood there and took it all in. I felt like I could breathe again for the first time in a long time.  I know you do what you do because you are great at it and because you love it, but I’m not sure you could ever fully understand what it’s doing for me.  My home. My family. My marriage.  When you’re in the thick of things, curveballs thrown from every direction, clutter and stuff and mess accumulates!!  It’s completely overwhelming.  Your service is exactly what I needed. And you are exactly who I needed to go through this with.  You are one of a kind

Dana Moxam


Effy is a master at clearing out clutter and organizing a home! She has a great sense of how to purge and organize for everyday living. She is a delight to work with - high energy with a good balance of hustle and humour. She thoughtfully takes away stuff you don't need and finds a home for it with people that can use it and donates to good causes. The process was fun and the outcome rewarding and totally liberating!

Heather Fraser


It's not easy admitting that you have flaws with your home. The pandemic has brought out the absolute worst in not parting with things. Most places even shut down donations for months. So many people are living, working and entertaining their children in their homes 24/7. By the time my kids leave for the weekend, I'm so tired that I just want to relax. Organize That saved me today. She understood that being a single mom isn't easy. Parting with things seems even harder because I'm so closely tied to my kids in certain stages. Effy came here with an open heart and zero judgement and turned my closets into a hotel in one day. Thank you for all your passion, empathy and tips to restore a space that feels more like my own! I cannot wait for the boys see their rooms. I highly recommend everyone takes one day and just have Organize That enter their home and work with her to restore your home! I almost cancelled due to fear and today changed me in a way that I cannot even explain. I will be forever thankful for the help.

Britt L


You are so amazing Effy! Thank you for lifting pounds off of my life! Decluttering made me feel like a new woman xo totally recommending you to everyone!

Sophia Rossini


I was fortunate enough to work with Effy all day today and she was wonderful! We got so much done and when we finished, everything was cleaned up and all garbage was put out. I know that if you ever need this service, you would not be disappointed in her customer service and great organizing skills! She is fun too!

Kaye Leslie


Simply Amazing! Effy went beyond what I expected. RELIABLE, professional just simply amazing to deal with! Thank you soooo much!

Tahseen Quadri


Effy is incredible. She is meticulous in the details and has the mind that so many of us want for organization. Professional, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. Money well spent. 

Sara Pritchard (Google)


Trained Professional Organizer

Effy Terry is a Trained Professional Organizer, Certified KonMari Consultant and holds certificates from the Institute of Challenging Disorganization in Chronic Disorganization (ADHD, ADD, Hoarding Behaviour, Aging Issues) and Understanding the Needs of the Aging Client. She has over 25 years of experience as a senior event manager, and project manager, is a former real estate salesperson and also has formal mediation training. She also has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin.

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KonMari Certified Consultant

Effy Terry is also a KonMari Certified Consultant and will guide you through the steps of The KonMari Method™ developed by Marie Kondo, author of the international best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Learn how to put your items and affairs in order through this transformative process.

KonMari Certified Consultant

Effy Terry is also a KonMari Certified Consultant and will guide you through the steps of The KonMari Method™ developed by Marie Kondo, author of the international best-selling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  Learn how to put your items and affairs in order through this transformative process.

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Statement of Commitment to Accessibility

Organize That is constantly striving to improve accessibility and remove barriers for clients with disabilities.  They have experience working with clients with limited mobility, hearing loss, vision loss and mental health disabilities.  Organize That recognizes the diverse needs of the community and will always strive to provide their services in such a way that are accessible for everyone.


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