Always trying to remember all those things you are supposed to do?  With so many memories competing for top spot in your head, juggling all those random bits of information can can leave you overwhelmed and frustrated. Read on for 10 of the best brain hacks we have found to help train your brain and maximize your recall abilities.

1. Write things down. We are busy people with fun and important things to do. How could we possibly remember it all? Writing by hand increases memory retention and understanding.

2. Rest! Your brain loves naps too!

3. Learn something new and exercise you brain. It needs a workout too!

4. Utilize a mnemonic device to remember information such as an acronym, visualization or even make information into a rhyme or song for better recall.

5. Meditate. I know not everyone like to meditate but it does make you focus. Think of it as clearing your mental cache and rebooting your system.

6. Rehearse and repeat! Repetition helps store important information  in long-term memory.

7. Give your memory a boost by reading aloud.  Research by Colin MacLeod, a psychologist at the University of Waterloo in Canada, has found that people remember words and texts better if they read them aloud than if they read them silently. This effect is powerful in children, but it works well for older people as well.

8. It’s not news that exercise is good for you but did you know it’s good for your brain as well! There is good evidence that it reduces stress, slows cognitive decline and may even reduce the risk of dementia.

9. Feeling foggy? Foods such as salmon, olive oil, avocados and leafy greens are all known to reduce inflammation in the brain and keep your mind sharp.

10. Declutter your physical environment and declutter your mind! Our brains love order, and constant visual distractions drain our cognitive resources, reducing our ability to focus and to recall information. 

Training your brain can improve focus, attention and memory and and is just as beneficial as training your body for a race.   If you need additional help or more coaching please reach out.