It is time to celebrate another year past with all those people in your life who are so important to you. A lot of common ways to celebrate others for the holidays are by spending time with them or buying them a gift. 


Most people love gifts during the holidays, but have you ever thought about the possibility of someone not loving the idea of receiving a gift? What if the idea of receiving a gift was more stressful for others than you had previously thought! This isn’t usually something that we think about, because a lot of people really enjoy receiving gifts, especially when there is a lot of thought behind it, but what if they are going through a decluttering process or have recently decluttered? What if they live a minimalist lifestyle and don’t need anything else? Objects that are out of place, or don’t have a place can appear to be messy in a home and overwhelming, which can cause anxiety or stress. 

Here are some ideas for gifts to get someone who is decluttering, has already decluttered, or lives a minimalist lifestyle:


  • Gift them with an experience, rather than an object. 

Instead of buying them another candle or gadget that they may not need, you could gift them with an experience, like tickets to a show, concert, movie or even to a new class they may enjoy. Perhaps you spend a whole day with this person, go for a hike and take them out to dinner! 


  • Gift them with something consumable! 

Consumable gifts are a great idea for someone who wants to declutter. They can still be quite thoughtful and meaningful, but they won’t add permanent clutter to a home. Think about their interests and what they enjoy consuming. Perhaps you buy them some treats, like chocolate or nuts, or yummy candies! Maybe they are into different coffees, teas or alcoholic drinks. You could find them something that they haven’t tried before! This could also look like making them a fully home-cooked meal, and spending quality time together!


  • Gift them with a gift card or money.

The holidays can be super stressful for so many people, because it can be such an expensive time of the year. A great idea for someone would be to get them a gift card to somewhere you know they shop, or simply give them money. Perhaps they need a bit of help with a car payment, or a grocery bill. 

Most importantly, make sure you ask them what they want, and be understanding of their answer. They could be trying to be more conscientious of the environment, more organized and streamlined with their lifestyle or have recently decluttered their living space. They could tell you straight up what they need, or perhaps they could tell you they don’t need or want anything. Maybe they are too shy to tell you what they really want or need. In any case, make sure you listen to them, because the holiday season shouldn’t be stressful for anyone.

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