“New year, new me!” We’ve all either heard it or said it at least once! 

Which isn’t bad, setting goals for yourself in the new year is amazing, but it can be quite hard to stick to those resolutions when life keeps on happening! Also, most often people choose goals that are harder to achieve, or take a lot of time and commitment.


The first thing you should do when organizing yourself for success in your New Year’s resolutions is to choose an attainable goal. One that makes sense for you and your life. This isn’t just a last minute decision either, this will take some brainstorming. Make a pros and cons list for each idea. Once you have selected your top ideas, write out why you want to do them, include the steps it will take to get there, and choose the one that means the most to you. 


Organizing the steps

This may be the most important part to setting yourself up for success. By doing this, you can forecast how long it may take you, as well you can include where it may be more challenging for you, or any obstacles that may arise, and how to overcome them, so you can prepare yourself to stick to your goal. 


Make sure you start small!

If your goal is to run a marathon, please don’t start running every single day, especially if you aren’t a runner. The worst thing you can do when starting something new is overdoing it. If you spread yourself too thin to try and achieve your goals, you could just end up resenting the goal.


Get a Calendar!

If your goal involves making changes daily, weekly, monthly, anytime really, write that down in a calendar so you don’t forget! With life happening we can often forget our resolutions, and if you miss once and brush it off, chances are you will let yourself miss again.


Track your progress!

This part is fun, and satisfying! Since you already have the steps in place on how to achieve your goal, you can track your process! Create a journal to document how you are doing! This will only become more satisfying as you continue to notice the changes from when you started to where you can be! 


MOST IMPORTANTLY – Be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.  In any instance during the process, you are only human! If you miss a day, that’s okay! Most people have the ‘all or nothing’ mentality. Remember, this is a process and you have time, give yourself grace. Don’t give up if it isn’t perfect, or if you slip up, because there is always tomorrow! 


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