The Holidays are coming! The Holidays are coming!

This happens every single year, the holidays approach at a speed that is almost unknown to humans and for some reason it sneaks up on us in quite the rapid way! An overwhelming amount of excitement and joy and…organizing!  Yes, a lot of organizing, with almost no time to spare! 


We have all been there, so busy with our day-to-day lives that the holidays get pushed to the back burner, and before we know it, the holiday pot is boiling over and the oven is broken and we can’t take the pot off the burner because our oven mitts caught on fire!! Okay, well maybe not that bad, but you get our point. Everything seems so rushed.  You would think that after years of holidays, we would start to get a hang of it, but unexpected things happen, that’s life! 


At this point, you’re probably thinking “okay, what can I do to help myself in this situation and years of holiday fun to come?”  Let’s dive in together with some holiday organizational tips: 


Get a calendar!

Write everything down and map out how your holiday season is going to happen. Include your regular activities as well, whether that is work or school or taking time for yourself, add everything that you would normally do first. Then add in your holiday events and deadlines. If you have any parties to attend or shopping that you need to do, write that down. 

The reason we say make sure you add in all your regular activities and to fit in time for yourself is because you have to make sure you are putting yourself first. Try not to overextend yourself by piling up a calendar full of things where you can’t find time for you! 


Make a list – and yes, check it twice 😉

Lists aren’t just for Santa or the holiday season! They can be used every single day! You can write something as simple as “brush your teeth” or “make a coffee” to get in the habit of it! But they sure do come in handy around the holidays! 

Create a Holiday Master List, where you can write down everything you will be doing and everything you need for each activity. It could be organizing, purging or decluttering your home, getting groceries and holiday decor you will need for hosting, or purchasing gifts – write down everyone you would like to buy a gift for with the gift you have in mind! Don’t forget the gift wrapping as well, and all the materials you will need for that! You could even have special holiday traditions on your list, like watching festive movies, or getting family photos done, or calling a close friend! Plus, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction once you are able to cross something off.


Set deadlines for everything!

Once you have your calendar and to-do list finished, you can start creating some expectations on when things will be completed! This will help keep yourself on track and feel less overwhelmed.

If you aren’t setting deadlines, then things can get pushed to the back burner again, and we all know what happens when we procrastinate! Make sure you give yourself a bit of wiggle room though, because as we mentioned before, life happens.


Rally in the troops!

It never hurts to ask for help, having someone that can help you with food prep and errands, or help with tidying your home or decorating for the holidays or even gift wrapping – this can make a huge difference! If you have children, get their help too around the house if they are able.


Finally, put a post-holiday plan in place!

This means once the holidays are over, it is time to get yourself back to your regular routine. If you would like to learn more about how to get yourself together after the holidays check out our blog post “The Post-Holiday Blues – How to Get Yourself Together at Home”. 


Our team here at Organize That is always here to help you, at whatever stage you are at in your journey of organizing your life! Reach out to us at any time!