Selling your home? Read on! Besides being a Trained Professional Organizer with a background in staging, I was also a Realtor for ten years.

Here are 14 secrets on why decluttered homes sell faster.

1) A decluttered home sells faster because it looks easier to move into an ‘emptier’ space.
2) Houses full of excess stuff look smaller.
3) Removing personal items will depersonalize the house so the buyer can see themselves in it.
4) A house full of random things in every room can appear messy and unclean and will turn off buyers.
5) A chaotic home looks like the owners have troubles and create worry in buyers’ minds.
6) Clutter may give the false impression that there are hidden flaws in the home.
7) Untidiness gives the illusion of a home not well kept or cared for and makes the house look older.
8) A crowded space looks darker because light does not reflect well when there are too many items in a room.
9) Clutter makes the air heavy in a room and may leave a foul smell because the air cannot circulate properly.
10) Too many items strewn about can be a tripping hazard when showing clients the home.
11) A home in disarray reflects poorly on the realtor because it creates the appearance that the realtor has not done their job to prepare the client and the home.
12) A messy home makes house inspection more difficult.
13) An excess of possessions makes the home look tired and dated.
14) Disorganization leaves the impression that the sale will take longer at closing.

Time spent decluttering and preparing your home could mean a higher sale price and a less stressful closing. If you need assistance, please contact us. We are experienced and ready to help you!